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Systems Engineer

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Job Description

Job Description

Administering and supporting network services (such as the domain controlled, active directory & domain name services)

Installs, configures, and maintains email systems in line with set performance standards

Administers system accounts and implements approved access rights to systems as per user request & security approval.

Maintains and updates Data Centre Asset Inventory and Register

Monitors system usage, disk usage, processor usage and provides improvement recommendations to the Manager IT Infrastructure.

Keeps an Operations Schedule with all routine tasks that need to be adhered to & alerts IT Management when maintenance is due

Sets up, configures, schedules, and performs backups for all administration systems daily, weekly, and monthly and retains as per the backup retention policy

Sets up & configures the billing system and checks that bill runs are accurate monthly

Conducts schedules simulation of system failure and recovery on servers

Implements and test Disaster Recovery Plans in line with DRP policy

Configures System backup & recovery procedures and provides input to Business Continuity process

Decides whether to apply system patches on servers and desktop environments

Decides on the methodology to rollout systems software and hardware on the domain

Decides on solutions on routine backup problems

Candidate Requirements

Degree in Information Systems (IT), Computer Science or equivalent

Industry Certifications e.g., MCSE

Should have Information Technology or similar experience spanning a period of 2-4 years.

The desirable candidate should, among other qualities, possess excellent interpersonal, communication, collaborative, and leadership capabilities.

The desirable candidate should also show that they can work well under pressure while still being meticulously detail oriented and displaying an ability to make sound independent decisions.


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